St. Helena’s Trespass Vineyard Rehearsal Dinner | Alison & Nick

I love the Napa Valley, so when I met Alison & Nick’s family, a family who loves Napa so much that they’d fly everyone in from Texas to hold their wedding there, I knew things were going to be magical.  I couldn’t have guessed just how magical it would be, though.  The rehearsal dinner, which was one hundred percent organized and arranged by the groom, Nick (so much so that the details were a surprise for Alison) was held in St. Helena’s Trespass Vineyard.

The warmth and laughter that instantly bound these two families together was enchanting.  I found myself completely lost in the excitement, and shot long into the night.

This is just a taste of what’s to come when I feature the following day’s wedding.  Enjoy.

Venue: Trespass Vineyard and Winery, St. Helena, Napa

  • the light in this is gorgeous - bet the wedding was great too!

  • JESSIE said:

    Wow! And this was only the rehearsal! It's going to be an amazing wedding!

  • Beautiful series, they truly tell the story of their day and more excitingly of what they can expect on the real one! Thanks for sharing :)

  • Marty said:

    What an amazing evening...your pictures really pull us into the story. Can't wait to see the wedding!

  • Sam said:

    Such a fun, emotionally filled rehearsal dinner. You did so well capturing it!

  • Brittany said:

    Aw man that last shot. I just swoon over scenes like that. Looks absolutely amazing for everyone.

  • Love this so much! The warm glow of outdoor evening parties like this always makes me happy!

  • Wow...that's quite the rehearsal dinner! Love that the groom was so involved, and looks like he pulled off a stunning event. Great work capturing it!

  • porter said:

    dang you know the wedding is going to be GORGEOUS, love this location!