San Francisco Swedenborgian Church Elopement | Barry & Greg

Barry planned her entire San Francisco elopement from her home in Texas via the Internet, and what an incredible job she did!  When she told me she’d selected the Swedenborgian Church for their very intimate ceremony (all of five people – Barry & Greg, the officiant, the pianist, and myself,) I knew we were in for a treat.  Following the ceremony, we spent some time in the Presidio Park for some truly beautiful images in a natural setting.

Thank you Barry & Greg.  I hope the remainder of your stay in San Francisco was as incredible as your first day.

If you fell in love with this elegant elopement, see these other Swedenborgian Church wedding photographs!

Venue: Swedenborgian Church of San Francisco

  • Matt Ferrell said:

    The forest shots are my favorite. That one with the light behind the B&G... very nice

  • Kristian said:

    This is lovely - they look so happy. Great work Gavin.

  • JC Page said:

    Great work Gavin. I just love natural setting for the portraits - such a beautiful location. You really captured the emotions of the day in the candid images - what a great set. Beautiful bride!

  • So warm and sweet. Love the feeling of this wedding.

  • Gorgeous!! Amazing work, Gavin!! Thank you for giving me the opportunity to work with the beautiful bride!!

  • Great work Gavin, love that walking through the woods shot.

  • Julianne said:

    Those portraits are so gorgeous. The one where she is walking ahead of him is incredible!

  • This looks like a lovely wedding which you have captured brilliantly!

  • Rima said:

    Beautiful quality of light coming through those woodland pictures, youve captured the moments wonderfully

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