Moon Mountain Road, Sonoma Wedding Photography | Michelle & Kyle

Michelle & Kyle held their wedding at a private vacation property on Moon Mountain Road in Sonoma, California, adjacent to the Moon Mountain Vineyard.

When Michelle contacted me, she knew exactly what she was looking for.  Brides who are looking for a photojournalistic approach to their wedding photography fall on a wide-ranging spectrum.  Some want a focus on candids, but also want time for detail shots, dress shots, and room shots squeezed in, too.  Others want less details and even more candids.  Michelle is almost as purely photojournalistic in her style as can be, with the one exception of the couple’s sunset hour photographs.

“No details, no dress shots,” she told me. “If you see something particularly compelling shoot it, but otherwise focus on the people.”  I loved talking with her about her wedding photography because she gets why people like the detail shots, but was more concerned about what moments would be missed while setting them up.  It’s an approach that ensures that her photographs will hold memories of the single most important thing – family –  for decades to come.

She’s also quite the accomplished photographer herself, which she proved when she borrowed my camera to photograph Grace and me at sunset.  The controls on our cameras are so highly customized that she’s the first non-pro to ever get a good shot with them.

Her husband Kyle brought endless drive and unique style to the wedding.  His touching reaction as Michelle came up the aisle, then later during the vows, were priceless. Those are the moments I treasure as a photojournalistic wedding photographer.


Michelle grabbed one of my cameras for a quick shot…

…and got this fantastic photo of Grace and I on the job.

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Caterer: Rosamunde

  • sam hurd said:

    wow, how lucky you are to have such an ideal client!

  • So many great photographs. I love the photos of the bride with the camera. She looks pretty happy with the camera in her hands.

  • naomi said:

    that dancing shot with the parents is a dream. the brides eyes are a dream. so many moments. and that is a really lovely photo she got of you both.

  • shari said:

    Such good storytelling you guys! I'm loving that shot of you and Grace too, Gavin!

  • brie said:

    Beautiful. You did a great job of telling their wedding story.

  • Johanna said:

    I love that there are still brides there who appreciate the real stuff - people, emotions and moments. The second to last photo speaks to me, it's beautiful. A true and honest moment, if there's such a definition. <3

  • Michelle (bride) said:

    Amazing! Exceeded expectations! A++ would hire again. I even love the composition and contrast of the blog flow - nice touch. Gavin is the best! Several friends commented how hard Gavin and Grace were working throughout the event. It shows in the number of amazing shots they captured!! Might need to wallpaper my house with these. I like how Tim noticed how happy I was with the camera - a true reflection.