Half Moon Bay Wedding Photography at Oceano Hotel & Spa | Grace & Darryl

This wedding took place in Half Moon Bay, one of the most beautiful areas along the Northern California coastline. Grace and Darryl held their ceremony after dark, just near the shore. The falling night created an intimate atmosphere for their festivities.

Darryl’s outgoing personality grabbed my and everyone’s attention through the evening. His impromptu speech garnered so much laughter.

Both Darryl and Grace love bicycling, so it was fitting that their grand entrance was on a bicycle! What an adorable moment!

Grace and Darryl, congratulations on your wedding!

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  • Rima said:

    Gorgeous wedding, gorgeous pictures!

  • Great story telling. The shot of the groom jumping on the beach is killer. Great work.

  • Damian said:

    Great coverage, you really caught their happiness on the day.

  • Anton Chia said:

    Beautiful moments and great dance shots!

  • Heather Kanillopoolo said:

    Ahhhh they are SO CUTE!!! I adore your shooting style- what gorgeous work!

  • Aaron said:

    Epic wide beach shots of your lovely couple! So much awesome in this set, from start to end you documented with precision and passion. Love it Gavin!

  • Teresa K said:

    Wow Gavin, those beach shots are so wonderful. This whole set makes me smile...so well done my friend!!

  • Gavin, I cannot believe how stunning these images are!! I'm completely unable to choose ANY favorites because they're truly remarkable BUT I really really really extra love those awesome beach shots and the wedding ceremony shots, especially considering how challenging that lighting can be with the Oceano skylight up above. Bravo! Bravo dude!!