Napa Engagement Photography at Pope Valley’s Aetna Springs Resort & Heibel Ranch Vineyards | Courtney & Nick

Courtney & Nick’s wedding will be held in Colorado next year, but wanted their engagement session held here in California.  They describe themselves as camera shy, but one look at these photographs shows they are naturals on camera.

Courtney & Nick had a fun vision for their session including their recently-discovered favorite vineyard and their rambunctious two-year-old golden retriever “QT” (cutie).  “We’d really like to include our dog,” Courtney told me on the phone. “Do you think that would be possible?”  Not only is it possible, it’s a fantastic idea!  I love including pets in engagement sessions! Bringing along a pet can really transform an otherwise stressful afternoon on camera into a fun, playful outing.

Trent Ghiringelli, owner of Heibel Ranch Vineyards, could not have been more accommodating of us.  As we arrived, he laid out a copious spread of cheese, crackers, and most importantly, WINE!  The four of us were able to enjoy some time together before getting started, which always results in better photos.

Then we began to explore the property.  There’s so much history here, and hearing Trent talk about the movies that had been made there, or the presidents who had visited, provided an extraordinary experience.  Trent’s generosity didn’t end there, though.  He loaded us into the family’s 1963 CJ-3B Jeep, and drove us to the vineyard portion of the property.

Trent was so giving of his time, I can’t recommend him highly enough.  And his wines are fantastic.  Courtney & Nick love his wine so much that they’re trying to get a shipment to Colorado for the wedding.)

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Venue: Heibel Ranch Vineyards


  • Oh I really adore #5, the one with their dog in the sunlight? Perfect lifestyle portrait!

  • Beautiful portraits.Really diggin' the reflection shot.

    And everything with a dog in it! Oh - and I love how happy they look, too.

  • Perfect session... wine, beautiful country side and a golden retriever? Perfect.

  • Adorable couple and awesome session! The one on the tree stump with the dog is so cute!

  • Eric said:

    They look so incredibly happy together. Lovely work!

  • What a beautiful setting! Looks like a fantastic session, especially with QT there :) Gorgeous scenic photos!

  • Derek said:

    Stunning work Gavin! Love the black and white shot of them and the next shot of them with their dog.

  • Courtney said:

    Thanks again for such an amazing session Gavin! We had so much fun that day and we love the photos.