San Clemente Wedding Photography at Garden Cottage| Terry & Peter

Terry and Peter are a lively and vibrant couple, full of life, laughter, and love.  Most of all though, they’re kind. Have you ever met someone who was so open, so approachable, and so ready with a smile, that you’re actually inspired to be a better person?  Terry and Peter are two such individuals, and Grace and I are privileged to know them.  Thank you both from the bottom of our hearts for choosing us to be a part of such an important day in your life.

I hope you love these images!

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Wedding venue: Garden Cottage at the Green, San Clemente, CA

  • Teresa K said:

    Just lovely Gavin, there are so many great emotional moments here.

  • Bill Peck said:

    Just wishes for a long and happy life together to Terry and Pete.

  • Kyle said:

    Gavin! My amigo, these are some wonderful shots!

  • What an absolutely beautiful, tender and emotional wedding. You can feel it in every frame. :)

  • Brittany said:

    What a beautiful couple. Love all the candids.

  • bryan said:

    great work all around! perfect story telling :)

  • Natalie said:

    Such a beautiful day - This set of images is so sweet!

  • Jon S6 said:

    these are wonderful candids. Love the first look

  • You captured some very emphatic emotions here. well done. great coverage Gavin!

  • Jackie Page said:

    Absolutely beautiful. So much emotion! Gorgeous.

  • Derek said:

    Beautiful wedding and love all the emotions you captured.

  • Cassandra said:

    Love your natural light / no flash photography! The moments are perfectly captured!