San Diego Engagement Photography at Balboa Park & Torrey Pines Beach | Mei & Andy

Andy and Mei laughed, giggled, and teased their way through this playful engagement photography session in San Diego, California. We began our session at the enormous Banyan tree in expansive, picturesque Balboa Park. Afterward, we wandered, admiring the park’s magnificent architecture and structures. We concluded at Torrey Pines State Beach, one of their favorite secluded spots on the sand.

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  • Kim said:

    That is one mega-epic tree. I really love how much fun this couple has together, too. But the b&w in the stairwell takes the cake!

  • Wow! What a beautiful couple! Great connection between them in these images, and great use of a fun location! Have to say it again: beautiful!

  • Kyle said:

    This session strikes the perfect balance of a cute couples adorableness...great composition in lots of photos...and quirk :)

  • Heather said:

    Oh my word the shot with the roots is just breathtaking!

  • Chantal said:

    That first location is seriously off the hook. Love your close ups followed by wide shots.. Beautiful.

  • alexbee said:

    I LOVE how their personality is so evident in these shots! Way to go Gavin!

  • The third image is absolutely breathtaking in its scope and composition. Fabulous work all around!

  • Ariana said:

    Wow these images are beautiful - I love your composition! And that tree is spectacular. Great shots!

  • Wow, these are seriously special - what an eye for composition and tone - wonderful work.

  • One of the best BEST B E S T sessions I seen. Gavin! Plain good photography and creativity.

  • well done, Gavin. These were very awesome and great to look at!

  • Derek said:

    Incredible session Gavin1 You really captured them and I love the reflections!

  • Alisha said:

    Oh my goodness your work is gorgeous. I stumbled acrosss you on google and I'm glad I did. I adore that pic of the reflection pond. What a sweet and beautiful couple, too.

    • Gavin said:

      Aww, thanks Alisha! They really ARE sweet and adorable (and hilarious, too.) Mei is now pregnant and I just attended their baby shower last weekend!