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Documenting emotion, connection, and love, from San Francisco backyards, to grand international resorts.

  • Gavin

  • I've spent my life searching for the human element, whether in the digital realm, education, or art. I love computers and technology, but without empowering people they are meaningless and empty. I love a fine meal, but with nobody to share it with, the flavor is flat and ashen. I love a beautiful photograph, but without a loved one, a story, or a connection, it is ultimately shallow.

    My work allows me to people-watch in the deepest, most meaningful sense of the word. Your love, your life, and your relationships will come alive through my camera in ways you never imagined. And the best part? That people-watching is productive. After all is said and done, your photographs will really mean something.

  • Philosophy

  • Your wedding photographs should be a reflection of who you are, the life you've built, and the people that you hold dearest. My photo-journalistic approach to your day not only gives you room to breathe and enjoy your wedding, but it also authentically preserves the power and connection of your relationships for decades to come.

    Welcome to a philosophy and style that understands that your wedding is a celebration of the people in your life, not the decorations on your table.

  • Location

  • Based in Alameda. In-person meetings available in San Francisco, Alameda, Oakland, & Berkeley, or in any location via video-conference.

    Photography services from New York to New Delhi, Canada to Cancun.

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    photo at gavinfarrington dot com


Q: Does wedding photo-journalism mean I won’t have family portraits?
A: Absolutely not.  I honor and respect your desire for lined-up photographs of your family.  Some couples choose to skip these entirely, and that’s fine, too.  Most couples prefer to keep things simple with a minimal number of lineups, so that you can return to your festivities and guests quickly.  This is something I specialize in, and will help you plan for in advance.  If you know that you want hours of family portraits with very complex poses (imagine movie poster setups,) then this is a good indicator that a wedding photo-journalist is not a good stylistic fit for your vision.
Q: Will you travel for my event?
A: Yes.  I’ve photographed weddings in Tahoe, Southern California, Colorado, Canada, Cancun, New York, Hawaii, Japan, and India.  I can’t wait to see where my work will take me next!
Q: Have you photographed a wedding at my venue before?
A: Unless you found me on a venue’s recommended vendor list, probably not. I’ve worked on over 250 weddings, and in that time I’ve only been back to four or five venues for a second round. Northern California is one of the most beautiful regions in the world, and it offers so much variety that it takes a very long time to get repeats. Experience at your venue is entirely irrelevant, especially considering my documentary style. Consider that I’ve never photographed you before, and you’re what really matters!
Q: Do you specialize in indoor events? Outdoor events? Something else?
A: I specialize in serving couples who place a high value on quality photography that preserves moments, family, and friends. Outside of that, I love weddings of all shapes, sizes, and locations.
Q: Are you also a filmmaker?
A: No, I specialize in still photography. While modern cameras can record both, the mindset, approach, and settings required to produce good video are quite different from those required to produce good still images. Given “jack of all trades, master of none,” I choose to focus 100% of my skill and talent on still images. If you are considering videography as part of your wedding day, please be sure the style and philosophy of your video team is the same as your photography team. Upon booking, I would be happy to provide names of excellent documentary-style wedding filmmakers in the Bay Area.